Hair extensions can transform your looks. In fact, they can do it dramatically. It is necessary to take care of them. This is because, after prolonged use, the extensions can start to smell. You just need to wash them to get rid of the smell.

Do your homework

taking care of hair extensionsYou can consider this post as part of homework as you will learn important ways of washing your extensions. There are several experts that deal with hair extensions. They can help you a great deal. Carrying out your homework can also prove to be helpful. Continue learning the following ways.

Do it the right way

You ought to understand the basics first. Nowadays, there are several types of extensions you can purchase. The commonly used include are clip-ins, weaves, and keratin extensions.

Types of extensions

You should note that washing instructions do vary depending on the given type of extension. The clip-in extensions do entail a small section of the hair clipped with remaining part of your hair. The weaves are obtained by those that want to add a volume of hair to the natural one. The keratin extensions are made of tiny strands that are glued to the natural hair. You will realize that it is quite easy to wash clip-in extensions as compared to weaves.

The differences

No matter the type of extension you want to wash, you will need to use conditioners, shampoos, and moisturizers. Thus, it is your responsibility to learn about the hair products which are designed for the extensions. As noted above, it is easier to wash clip-ins as compared to other hair extensions. You just need to detach and detangle them. Also, you can use special conditioners and shampoos.

hair extensions As far as washing weaves are concerned, you have to do a lot of work. This is because you have to pre-treat the hair using a moisturizer to prevent dry-out of hair extensions. You can treat the scalp and hair to remove unwanted grime. Unfortunately, pre-treating the hair and washing the scalp is likely to take a lot of time. You should not apply shampoo to the extensions without following the above steps.

Consult professionals

You can consult a reputable salon for the affordable hair extensions. It is necessary on your part to discuss with them on how to wash your hair extensions. They can help you a lot in this regard.