Sometimes on the first night or when you get lucky, there are moments where you can’t get it up or maybe you can’t get it up all the time. There are many factors on why this happens, and chances are you have erectile dysfunction. Don’t panic just yet as you are not alone; many men are also facing this problem, and there are actually many ways to deal with this. In this article, we’re going to list some ways on how to deal with erectile dysfunction, make sure to read more to get rid of the problem.

medUse herbal or natural viagra

Viagra has been around for a long time, and they are used to help you get it up, and most pornographic actors use it before they shoot their videos. Do be careful though, as some viagras are full of chemical while others are filled with natural or herbal nutrients, so make sure you get the one with herbal viagra like erectill over here. Consult with a doctor first if you want to stay safe, or else there’s a chance of addiction of using viagra.

sessionAsk for help

We did write to consult with your doctor about using viagra, so the next step is to ask them for help in case it didn’t work out. Doctors might try to inject or do something about your erectile dysfunction problem, but you can always ask for a therapy instead which is safer than all the chemicals that are going to be in your body. The key is not to hide as it won’t make the problem go away, try telling the people that you trust first.

exerciseExercise more

Studies have proven that getting some exercise might help with your problem, as a small jog or even just walking might get the blood flowing down there, hence finishing the issue of your sex life. Doctors recommend to at least walk for two miles, as it’ll help your body to get the smallest amount of exercise that it needs.

Try to relax

Sometimes your erectile problem can be caused due to your anxiety. Feeling as if you’re not big enough or you can’t satisfy your partner in bed might also be the cause, so the next time you’re going to have sex make sure to breathe and take it easy. Some practices of meditation and breathing might help you to calm down and get into the mood, whatever it is, try to stay as calm as possible.